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Everybody wants to give tax advice, but not everybody should. Join Kesha, a CPA and Enrolled Agent with over 10 years in the tax industry, as she debunks tax myths, rebuts bad tax advice, & provides updates on what’s going on in the tax industry. Whether you’re a taxpayer or tax professional, if you want to know the real deal about taxes – this is the podcast for you.

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Should You Form Your Business in Another State?

Episode 29 | 19 Mins Should You Form Your Business Out of State? My fellow tax pros and I get this question a lot: Should I form my business in Delaware? Nevada? In this episode, I talk about some of the reasons that people form their business out of state. I am not a...

Episode 28   |   20 min

5 Jobs You Can Hire Your Kids to Do

Episode 28 | 20 Mins 5 Jobs You Can Hire Your Kids To Do When you hire your kids in your business, what they do can help justify the wages that you pay them. If you hire your child to sweep floors, you probably can’t justify paying them the same as you would if you...

4 Non-Tax Benefits of Hiring Your Children

Episode 27 | 13 Mins 4 Non-Tax Benefits of Hiring Your Kids Tax savings are great but they aren’t the only benefit you and your kids will get when you hire them in your business. In this episode, we discuss 4 non-tax benefits of hiring your kids in your...

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